It’s been a while since I’ve released any new music of my own.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to reveal to all of you a project that I’ve been working since August 2018. It’s entitled “Legacy”, and is available for pre-download on Bandcamp. You can preview a snippet of the album and pre-download it to receive 2/7 of the tracks instantly.

The full project launches on the 1st of December 2018.

Releasing this project took me longer than it should. I have long wondered if the music I've written made sense to any one. Yet you must find it strange to hear this coming from an individual who has managed to make a living from doing this for a while now. 

The odd thing is, I wrote these songs to encourage the heart of any that might be willing to listen, but have ironically never found the courage to release them till now. 

I wrote these songs because I have never stopped believing that there is a God-given dream inside every human being, whether they believe He even exists as I do, or not.

Do enjoy.