This is a list of selected works that I've been heavily involved in of late.

  • Composer - Game Soundtrack: Island Wars by Refocus Solutions (launched August 2018 on Steam)
  • Composer - Film Score: Family Unit Short Film by Charlie Woo Productions
  • Composer - TV Cues: VICE aired by HBO (Network)
  • Composer - TV Cues: Catfish (UK) aired by MTV (Network)
  • Composer - Commercial: COMEX 2017 Advertisement by Singapore Press Holdings
  • Composer - Commercial: MaNa Dr Health Mobile App Advertisement by Mobile Health Singapore
  • Composer - Commercial: Mobile App Advertisement by REPAIRY Australia
  • Composer - Commercial: Digital Link Audio Interface Advertisement by BandLab Technologies
  • Composer - Commercial: SLM Drum Store Launch Advertisement by Swee Lee Music Singapore
  • Composer - Commercial: SL Product Demonstration Video Opening Jingle by Swee Lee Music Singapore
  • Audio Engineer - Musical Theatre: 'Sangae Muzhangu' 2017 CD Release
  • Audio Engineer - Live Performance: St. Humain Live Showcase in Singapore
  • Audio Engineer - Live Performance: Tobias Rauscher Guitar Clinic in Singapore
  • Music Arranger - Individual Participant Audition: Sing! China (The Voice China, 2017)
  • Sound Designer - Trailer : Kino Red Dot 'Kabaret' Trailer 2018 by Hethav Productions