Blessings, Reflections.

I feel it’s necessary to count my blessings once in a while.

It’s barely been 2 years since I picked up composing, and I daresay that it’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve managed to score licensing deals with various music publishing houses around the globe in such a brief period. I’m thankful to have composed & arranged music for various media agencies and corporations thus far.

I honestly don’t know where all of this will take me, but I guess it’s exciting to live life in the unknown putting faith and hope not in my own abilities, but rather in Him who holds tomorrow. I used to think that Singapore was my final stop after a short stint in Melbourne, but I’ve got a small inkling that this might not be the case.

This place will always be home, but in the future, I’m guessing higher education in a different country may call. Over the course of the journey, I’ve been reminded time and again that vision and passion demand execution.

Composing underscore music probably isn’t the most glamorous endeavour, but like many other things that don’t stand in the limelight, is a necessity (especially when it comes to creative production).

I’d like to think that working “behind the scenes” is a personal reflection of my character and where I see my position in the Creative industry as a whole.

Scoring music above all, is a form of service, and is interestingly, part of the Servant Heart development process that began internally some time ago.

I am so so grateful for the past, present and future.