Student, Always.

Titles such as "music composer" or "orchestrator" or "audio engineer" are in my humble opinion, merely titles; terminology that provides insight and description to a specific series of actions that reflect the daily duties of an individual.

It would be nice if I was to be remembered as those titles listed above, but I would much prefer to describe myself as a music student, and would like to believe that I will always be one till the day I leave this world behind.

I don't know how to quantify or qualify when it would be okay for someone to ever stop learning; to cease educational conquest and declare him/herself a maestro of everything related to the subject.

The field of music consists of endless myriads of possibilities.

For that reason, I don't think that a single lifetime would be sufficient to consume all that is available, not especially with new audio technological discoveries and fresh permutations of notation exercises being made each day.

For that reason, I will always see myself as a student of music.