An Orchestral Endeavour

It's nearly 3AM. I should be asleep. My fiance may kill me if she found out that I'm writing this at this hour.

I apologise in advance for any grammatical or typo errors. The brain doesn't function well at such a time as this, but here we go anyway.

You might have guessed. I released a new music project today. "Sky Threader's Journey" is an Epic Orchestral EP of sorts that I'm happy to share with the rest of the world. This project is significant to me because it signifies a shift in my musical direction. More importantly, it also signifies a new season in my life. 

Each track in "Sky Threader's Journey" tells a story in and of itself. There's a consistent melody that solidifies the foundation of each song despite the bombastic hits and dynamic contrasts through the musical passages. I have always seen myself as a storyteller of sorts, not just a music composer or artist.

"Sky Threader's Journey" was written in the context of a celebratory hallmark. 2016 was a rough year for me and if you went back to have a listen to some of my older work, the material sounds a whole lot darker and borders along the lines of progressive post-rock unlike this project, which is of a more Hybrid Orchestral nature. While the projects launched between 2016 and 2017 are still considerably cinematic, I would say that the melody in each of the pieces of "Sky Threader's Journey" are more refined and fluid. In a musical sense, each piece is also "fuller" with more instruments involved.

I don't know if this genre of music qualifies as what some might call "epic" music, but it is definitely an indication of where I am in my musical endeavours. Being brought up in a classical environment, I've always gravitated back to my roots, but the electronic sound design blended with the orchestral foundation of each piece represents a sort of "dilution" of my musical foundation.

This is the first time I've worked on a project from scratch without the help of anyone else and I'm rather pleased with it.

Have a listen to "Sky Threader's Journey" here.