About Greg.


A passerby

hoping to ignite dreams with his music.

Gregory Tan (or Greg for short) is a music composer, audio engineer, producer and arranger. He is affiliated with Alternative Notes, a global team of composers that write scores for such mediums and are IMDB credited. 

His compositions fall somewhere between the larger-than-life hybrid orchestral works of Thomas Bergersen and the uplifting spirit of Lights & Motion's melodious cinematic post-rock.

He is a classically trained violinist, having completed the ABRSM syllabus and holds a Specialist Certificate from Berklee College of Music (Online) in Blues, Rock and Jazz Guitar. Greg also has a B.A. from the University of Melbourne in Politics, International Relations and Sociology.

Greg professes to be a lifelong student of the beautiful mystery that is music and has a deep interest in the fields of music technology and musicology. He confesses to drinking too much coffee and is a proud alumni of Anglo-Chinese School & Junior College.

He loves God, his fiancĂ© and his family very much.

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