These are just some samples of my compositions. I particularly enjoy scoring cinematic soundtracks that draw influence from ambient, post-rock and orchestral (epic) sub-genres, but am not limited or isolated to these styles alone. Feel free to contact me at if you would like bespoke music written for your project.

"Tan is a prolific musician... simultaneously going classical and modern, Tan has created an epic listen.- Joseph James (Will Not Fade)

"Your tracks are full of beautiful progressions and track defining leads. Your music shows that you don’t need to have a “drop” to write a compelling track." - Daniel Strongin (Soundshock Audio)

"I've listened to this album on repeat since it's release and every new listen I hear some bit of brilliance that I missed before." - Scott Myers (Random Orbital Echoes)

"There is no doubt that Tan has what it takes to succeed in the music industry as he has a great deal of potential." - Eric Rustad (Tap Songz)

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