About Greg



I am a 25-year old succulent collector.

Gregory Tan (or Greg for short) is a music composer and arranger for Film, TV and other forms of multimedia.

His compositions fall somewhere between the larger than life orchestral works of Thomas Bergersen (Two Steps From Hell) and the uplifting spirit of Christoffer Franzen of Lights & Motion's melodious cinematic post-rock.

 At 6 years of age, Greg begged his parents for violin lessons and proceeded to complete the ABRSM syllabus. At 16, Greg picked up the guitar and has not put it down since. At 22, he obtained a Guitar Specialist Certificate from Berklee College of Music (Online) in the genres of Blues, Jazz and Rock while simulatenously completing a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne in Political Science and Sociology.

Greg professes to be a lifelong student of the beautiful mystery that is music. He has a deep interest in the fields of music technology and musicology and thus spends huge amounts of time researching on the impact modern technology has had on the creative developmental process in humans.

He loves God and his family very much.

He also confesses to drinking too much coffee and is a proud alumni of Anglo-Chinese School & Junior College.